Worm Rhythms

The worms are slow to appear this year. They don’t exactly hibernate, but they do ‘go down’ and take a rest.

It usually starts in mid-December. The weather here starts to turn cold, the warmed compost that we feed will just not warm the bed any longer. The worms dive down to the warmest part of the bed. We think of it as their Christmas holiday.

The past several years they have started to become active in the later part of January. Here we are coming up on the third week in February, and they are just waking up. It seems they are not the only one’s to be still. A bee keeper told me that he had lost a hive due to cold this winter. A teacher called this morning and said her turtle was still in hibernation.

The daffodils came up on schedule, but the worms and turtles still need a little time. It reminds me that we are dealing with nature, and the natural world keeps it’s own time.

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