Our New ‘Baby’

It is almost here! For several years now, people have been wanting to use our technology and produce their own Vermicompost. We listened and are now almost finished with our first pre-production model. The ‘baby’ is about to be finished; hopefully this week.

Our first ‘baby bin’ will be 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. It is a commercial unit with a strong drive and motor. It will bring years of service with its tried and true design. A pre-compost phase is also part of our process.

We see the ‘baby’ going to farms, colleges, universities, the Google campus. Anywhere there is a desire to close the nutritional loop. Why haul away compostables when the worms can do the job for you. Use the vermicompost on site to plant trees, gardens or make your own Vermicompost tea. Close the loop we say!

Stay tuned! More soon!

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