Our New Continuous Flow VermiComposter

We are happy to announce the newest updated version of our VermiComposter, version 6.0! For the last twelve years I have been working hard to develop a continuous flow VermiComposter that could produce world class VermiCompost. Our latest version is at work at our Worm Farm. The big news is that we are now manufacturing this system for the folks that want to close their organic waste loop. Some of you live on a farm, and want to improve your soil tilth; orchards that want to make large quantities of VermiCompost tea; nurseries wanting to improve their plant stock; corporate campuses who wish to recycle their food waste and put that organic material back into their landscapes and gardens and finally schools and universities that can now manage their organic waste stream and keep it all on campus.

Used in conjunction with our Aerated Composting System, our 40′ VermiComposter CF will produce 25 yards of high quality VermiCompost a year. A farmer could make 20 500 gallon batches of VermiCompost tea a month. It would allow a vineyard to plant 75,000 vines. As a blend into traditional compost, it adds tremendous value with as little as 5% by volume.

In my former career as an airline pilot I had the good fortune to fly many different kinds of airplanes. A few of my favorites were the DC-9, the Convair 580, Boeing 727, 757 and the Generic 747. My favorite of all was the 747-400; it seemed that Boeing had put all of its many years of thoughtful design into that airplane. You could load it with 400 people and fly for 15 hours to a faraway destination. It provided comfort for the passengers and unrivaled flying capability for the pilot. What I appreciated about good airplane design; solid engineering, beauty, ability to compete in the marketplace, strength of design, all  goes into a good airplane. I feel like we have achieved these same metrics with our VermiComposter.

Our Patent Pending design is made of a strong 2″ steel main frame that is galvanized throughout for a long durable life. We estimate this machine will have at least a 30 year useful lifespan. The flooring material is steel, also galvanized. The sidewalls are galvanized. Our drive system is state of the art, quiet, strong and very efficient. We have automatic limit switches at either end of the machine to ensure safe operation. You operate the system with the flick of a switch.

Finally, our manual for the both our Aerated Composting System and the VermiComposter have standard operating procedures that assure you success in making the highest quality VermiCompost. My airline background taught me the importance of creating standards. Following those standard procedures ensures a good outcome in the air. Using our ‘Vermi-Protocol’ will ensure your success with your new VermiComposter. 

Using our VermiComposter, you can harness the power of the selfless worms and create your own high quality VermiCompost. 

Systems are now available for purchase.

We invite you to join the Underground Movement.


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3 Responses to Our New Continuous Flow VermiComposter

  1. chanarong says:

    Dear Sir
    I am interest in your VermiComposter. Please let me know more about it and cost. We are in Thailand.
    Have a nice day.
    Chanarong Sangduan

  2. Fred Dunfee says:

    I am very interested in your vermecomposter. Please send me more info

    Fred Dunfee

  3. If you would like to check out to build a wood vermicomposter take a peek at http://www.hortabiologica.com/2012/11/vermicompostor/

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