San Francisco has joined the underground movement!!

Gotta love San Francisco. A city that has led the way so many times. In the 60’s it was all about the music. The 70’s saw the rise of silicon valley and the computer revolution. In the 80’s the San Francisco 49’ers were kings of the NFL. The 90’s saw the internet age come into being. In the past decade a slow revolution has been taking place at San Francisco’s Park and Recreation department. Instead of fighting with nature, they decided to harness the power of the natural world, and use an integrated pest management program. Last week they took a big step forward in closing their organic waste loop and enhancing their beautiful parks by being the first city in the United States to install a VermiComposter CF from the Sonoma Valley Worm Farm. San Francisco has joined the underground movement!!

‘The City’, as it’s called by locals, ordered their first compost tea machine in 2002 to be used at Sharp Park golf course. They wanted to enhance the natural microbiology of the turf at the golf course. Today more people know that the soil is alive and teaming with microbial life.  Ten years ago the concept was new, and the idea of  adding microbes and biology through compost tea was a radical new idea. The experiment at Sharp Park worked, and compost tea became more of an accepted practice at parks throughout the city. As the use of compost tea expanded, the need for chemicals started to subside. Several years ago, they started adding Vermicompost to their compost tea blend, and really started to notice an improvement in the quality of their compost tea.

The next question was how to make Vermicompost from locally available inputs. San Francisco has a mounted police contingent with 16 horses. Last year they started composting the horse manure using one of our Aerated Composting Systems. They had great success composting not only the horse manure, but adding duckweed that came out of one of their ponds in Golden Gate park. Earlier this year the decision was made to add a VermiComposter CF and let the worms complete the closing of their organic waste loop, turning their pre composted horse manure into vermicompost.

This is a great story. For years now I have been advocating that every city in the country should have a worm farm and use local organics to produce vermicompost to enhance and improve the soils in their parks.  So now, Chicago, New York, Boston, Denver, Seattle where are you?

Come join the underground movement!!


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3 Responses to San Francisco has joined the underground movement!!

  1. H. Porch says:

    Awesome article. Good for you! And good for San Francisco! The ‘City’ has always been cutting-edge. Hopefully they can be a springboard for the rest of the Country.

    • Hi Heidi: Thanks for stopping by and taking a look see. Yes, San Francisco is first rate and cutting edge, and progressive all at the same time. I hope to have other cities ‘join the underground movement.

  2. Zap says:

    We did some repair work for the San Francisco Conservatory and they did not even know about the City having the worms. They were very interested.

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