Spring Showers at the Worm Farm















It is raining at the Worm Farm today. A covey of Quail are pecking around just outside the office. They run from spot to spot, shaking the rain off their backs. I had wanted to write about spring planting, getting ready to sow seeds, and all things spring… Then I realized that spring rains are also part of the picture of spring.

This week will be a perfect set up for next week’s sunshine. The soil will be moist, soil temperatures will be warming, and all the spring transplants at the nursery will be ready to go into the ground.

As you think about planting your garden, consider adding a cup of Sonoma Valley Worm Farm’s VermiCompost to each transplant you put into the ground. Your plants will respond with better growth, more blooms per plant, more tomatoes at harvest and flavor in all your vegetables that will be superior. We have had customers come back and say they had there best garden ever, after having planted with our VermiCompost. They also reported that their vegetables and flowers stored longer, and looked better than store bought.

How does VermiCompost help your plants?  simply put there are two powerful systems at work. The first is the ‘Worm Magic’ that worms ‘make’ as they digest their food. The ‘magic’ are plant growth hormones and plant growth regulators that help plants grow so well with VermiCompost. The other major component is a microbial inoculation of the soil where the VermiCompost is used. It amends and helps break up the soil.

We had a neighbor up the street that would trade us VermiCompost for her homemade pepper jam. One day my wife and I were walking by her home, and she told us she needed some more VermiCompost for her roses. She said “I want to show you something.” She put her hand trowel into the soil and it moved down into the soil effortlessly. She then moved to a spot about a foot away and said, “This has not had any VermiCompost”. The trowel could not even get through the top crust of the adobe clay soil we have in our part of the valley.

For our vineyard friends, nothing works as well as VermiCompost when planting a vineyard. In our own trial here at the Worm Farm we planted 432 vines of Syrah, back in 2002. We planted 400 vines with a cup of VermiCompost in every hole. We planted 32 vines without any VermiCompost. We lost 8 plants of the 32 we planted with no VermiCompost, for a loss rate of 25%. We lost 2 plants of the 400 we planted with the VermiCompost for a loss rate of .005%. The vines with the VermiCompost were healthier and had better growth characteristics than the plants without the VermiCompost. It costs just 12 cents a plant to use VermiCompost when planting a vineyard. Feedback from growers tell us that they can graft rootstock sooner, their vineyard has very consistent growth, and the plants all look healthy and strong.

So, while the Quail scamper about in the rain, and we humans put on our raincoats one more time, it is sweet to know spring planting is just around the corner. April showers bring May flowers, and spring is in the air. Add a little ‘love’ when you plant your garden this year; VermiCompost from Sonoma Valley Worm Farm.


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2 Responses to Spring Showers at the Worm Farm

  1. Zap says:

    Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was how big? Are you going to share? Picture by Ansel Adams Chambers?

    • Hi Zap: Yes, the pot of gold ends right at the Worm Farm. We are hoping for a big bag, and yes, we’ll Share! Ah, yes, I will take the photo credits. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

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